General Rules and Regulations



1. The KIWANIS MUSIC FESTIVAL OF GUELPH shall be under the management of the MUSIC FESTIVAL COMMITTEE of the KIWANIS CLUB OF GUELPH, which is hereinafter called “THE COMMITTEE”. THE COMMITTEE reserves the right to alter, amend and interpret any rule, for the good of the Festival.

2. All matters not dealt with in these rules shall be referred to THE COMMITTEE, whose decision on such matters shall be final and binding upon all concerned.

► Liability The KIWANIS CLUB OF GUELPH is not responsible for the loss of or damage to articles in any of the buildings used for performances during the KIWANIS MUSIC FESTIVAL OF GUELPH.

► Copyright-PLEASE OBSERVE COPYRIGHT LAWS.  Photocopies or computer-generated copies will not be accepted unless they show legal authorization from the publisher or copyright holder or proof of purchase (receipt). Music in the Public Domain is copyright free and is acceptable.  Accompanists may play from photocopies at both the local Festival and OMFA Provincials.

► Video & Audio Recording

  • Video or Audio recording of any performance by audience members is permitted providing the performer has given their permission and the recording is unobtrusive to other audience members; absolutely NO flash photography is allowed. Permission may also be granted to media for unobtrusive video recording and photography of selected performances.
  • Video or Audio recording of adjudications is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Still photography is permitted if time is available between performances.



3. An “amateur” shall be defined as a person for whom the principal means of livelihood is not obtained from the performance or teaching of music in the particular category in which he or she is competing.  This stipulation does not, however, preclude such a person from performing if they have occasionally received remuneration for musical services rendered, even in the area in which he or she is competing.



4. All classes, unless otherwise stated, shall be open to amateurs only.

5. In all classes in which an age limit is prescribed, performers must be of the prescribed age on December 31 preceding the Festival.  Exact date and year of birth must be provided at the time of registration.

6. Performers in choirs, choral societies, orchestras or bands may be amateur or professional but must be bona fide members of their respective organizations.

7. A performing group whose membership is 60% or more the same as that of another performing group shall be considered the same group, regardless of change in name.

8. Conductors may be either professional or amateur.  Conductors may conduct any number of organizations in the same class or otherwise, but must not sing with their choral society or choir, or play with their orchestra or band, unless specifically permitted under the class heading.

9. Unless otherwise stated in the syllabus under the section or class heading, a choir consists of 13 members or more.  Ensembles have fewer members.

10. Ensembles of 5 or fewer performers should not be conducted.  Ensembles of 6 or more performers may be conducted.

11. Performers studying with or performing in a group directed by an adjudicator during the calendar year of the Festival or within the 6 months preceding the Festival will be ineligible to compete in the classes adjudicated by that adjudicator.


Performance Pieces

12. In instrumental classes, repeats are to be omitted and second endings taken, unless otherwise specified; da capo endings are to be observed.

13. All performance pieces for solo performances must be memorized unless otherwise stated in the Rules specific to each section and/or class of the Syllabus.  In competitive classes, failure to comply with this rule will render the performer ineligible for a mark, but an adjudication may be given.  In both competitive and non-competitive classes, failure to comply with this rule will render the performer ineligible for a prize for that class. Memorization will be considered during prize allocation.

14. All musical selections are own choice for every class.  It is the performer’s responsibility to ensure that the adjudicator has a legal copy (not a photocopy) of the edition of the music they will be performing.  This music must be given to the Sessional Secretary immediately preceding the respective performance and recovered following the class.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in a denial of performance, permission to perform without adjudication, or adjudication without marks.

15. No piece may be used in more than one class by the same performer.

16. In all classes, the same work cannot be performed in successive years. Advanced Students (Grade 7 or Equivalent & Above) in all disciplines who are taking two years to work toward an exam or who are still studying at a particular level, will be permitted to perform the same piece at the Festival in subsequent years provided this piece was not performed at Provincials the previous year. OMFA allows performers to compete at the same level in subsequent years provided the competitors were not winners at this level, but the same pieces cannot be performed again.

17. In the event that competitors have taken partial examinations with either Conservatory prior to December 31 of the previous calendar year, and if they have completed the repertoire section of their Conservatory exam at that grade level, they are not eligible to enter that grade level at the local Festival or at Provincials.

18. Time limits, where specified, must be adhered to.



19. Entries may be submitted using the online application form available at or by downloading and printing the official application form and sending to Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph, PO Box 1475, Guelph, ON N1H 6N9.  If submitting a hard copy of the application form, the waiver must be signed by the performer or a person authorized to sign on the performer’s behalf and must be accompanied by the registration fee indicated in the Syllabus.  If submitting an online application, you will be deemed to accept the terms of the waiver including knowledge of and compliance with all the Rules and Regulations.  Payment may be made by credit card online or by cheque if preferred.  Cheques should be made payable to the Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph and should not be post-dated beyond the deadline for entries.

20. Entry fees cannot be refunded except under circumstances wherein the entry is rejected by THE COMMITTEE.  Performers desiring to withdraw their entry must do so in writing to the Festival Coordinator as early as possible.

21. THE COMMITTEE shall determine the closing date for receiving entries; any entry received after such date may be rejected.  THE COMMITTEE reserves the right to reject any entry for any other reason.

22. Please notify the Festival Coordinator of any change of address following submission of entry form.


Programme Procedure

23. The schedule will be posted on the website and it is the responsibility of the performer to know when and where their classes will be taking place.  Performers are expected to arrive 15 minutes before their class is scheduled to begin.  Programs specific to each venue will also be posted online and available at each venue and will list all performers in order of appearance.

24. Performers must provide their own accompanist.

25. THE COMMITTEE may, at its sole discretion, combine or delete classes if it considers that the number and nature of entries warrants such a decision.

26. THE COMMITTEE reserves the right to substitute or appoint additional adjudicators.

27. THE COMMITTEE reserves the right to disqualify any performer who is not ready to perform when called.

28. The performance order may be changed at the discretion of the Adjudicator in consultation with THE COMMITTEE, if deemed necessary.

29. A chord may be given on the piano at the commencement of each piece of unaccompanied music.


Highlights of the Festival Concert & Awards Ceremony

30. Performers for the Festival Concert are chosen by THE COMMITTEE for programme reasons from among those recommended by the adjudicators and need not be prize winners.  The Festival Coordinator will confirm all selections.

31. Performers at the Festival Concert do so without remuneration or payment for incidental expenses.

32. Medals and scholarships are presented at the Festival Concert.


Complaints and Protests

33. Complaints and protests must be made directly to the Festival Coordinator in writing during the Festival and must be accompanied by a fee equivalent to the amount of the entry fee of the class being protested.  If the protest is sustained, the fee will be refunded.

34. There will be no practicing allowed in the performance space prior to classes.  Some disciplines will have a warm-up room provided.  A moment to set up registrations on digital pianos and organs is permitted.




36. Scholarships are monetary awards. The allocation of the number and value of the prizes is at the discretion of the adjudicator and the Awards Committee and is governed by the following factors:

  • the recommendation of the adjudicator
  • the amount donated by the community
  • the proportional number of entries in a category, for example, 1,000 piano, 500 voice, 300 strings, etc.
  • the excellence of the performance
  • the performer’s potential for future musical success
  • the frequency and variety of entries by the performer(s)
  • previous prize winnings

37. All participants in all classes, competitive, non-competitive or award to standard, unless disqualified for breach of rules, are eligible to receive scholarships.


  a) In most competitive classes, marks will be given and ribbons awarded based on the following:

~First Prize- first in class- with a minimum mark of 80%

~Second Prize- first or second in class- with a minimum mark of 75%

~Third Prize- first, second or third in class- with a minimum mark of 70%At the discretion of the adjudicator, more than one performer with the same mark may be placed in each category.

  b) In some classes, placement will be awarded according to the standard achieved: Gold(outstanding), Silver (very good), Bronze (good), or Merit (needs additional preparation). These classes will be designated AWARD TO STANDARD (A/S) in the rules of their respective section. It is the adjudicator’s sole discretion to determine which level of performance has been achieved.  All performers within one class may be of the same standard and receive the same designation.

  c) In non-competitive (N/C) classes, the performer will receive an adjudication and a participation ribbon and will be eligible for scholarships, but will not receive a mark or placement.

39. The adjudicator’s oral comments will be presented to each performer at the end of the class along with the appropriate ribbons, a certificate, and the adjudicator’s written comments.  Scholarships and medals will be presented at the Highlights of the Festival Concert.

40. Prizes are awarded to performers, who, on the basis of their performance, show the most promise of future musical success.  The awarding of scholarships is not restricted to performers who place in competitive classes. Prizes are also awarded to groups for excellence in performance.

41. The KIWANIS MUSIC FESTIVAL OF GUELPH wishes to encourage the development of the musical talent of Guelph and Wellington County residents and to distribute an appropriate amount of prize money to both solo performers and groups.  To that end, the distribution of prizes will be governed by the following guidelines:

  • No less than 50% of the total money shall be awarded to residents of Guelph and Wellington County.
  • No less than 30% of the total money shall be awarded to groups.


Alice Sloan Memorial Prizes

42. In memory of Alice Sloan, Festival Secretary (1983 – 1988), up to 5 special prizes will be awarded to deserving young solo performers, as selected by the adjudicators, to perform at the Festival Concert specifically as ALICE SLOAN MEMORIAL PRIZE winners.  These will be selected using the following criteria.

  • Recipients must be 15 years of age or under for most instrumentalists (piano, strings, etc.),
  • or 17 years of age or under for vocalists and brass & wind players,
  • must NOT have been a previous Alice Sloan Prize winner and
  • shall display not only skill and musicianship, but also promise of future success in performance.

The ALICE SLOAN MEMORIAL PRIZES will be awarded in addition to any other prizes.


Provincial Finals

43. As a member of the ONTARIO MUSIC FESTIVALS ASSOCIATION (OMFA), the KIWANIS MUSIC FESTIVAL OF GUELPH may send some of its performers to the corresponding provincial competition.  Finalists are selected exclusively at the recommendation of the adjudicators and may or may not be scholarship recipients.

44. The entry fee and cost of transportation, accommodation, and accompanists is the responsibility of the individual Provincial Finalist.

45. The Provincial Finalist must agree to be governed by the Rules and Regulations of the ONTARIO MUSIC FESTIVALS ASSOCIATION.